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Amazon products cheap in overseas shipping agency

Overseas, Japan's living in the Amazon to purchase Worldwide Shipping Agency Service agency.
Amazon's use of Worldwide Shipping Agency Service service from the Amazon to buy multiple appliances and baby products,
Other Services (Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo!auction) to purchase products shipped in bulk to save shipping costs.

family and friends living in Japan to borrow and to address the ship without having to ask
Japan's net overseas shops.
Shipping and agency fee of 980 yen is the lowest in the industry.

Point 1  Overseas, Japan's Amazon to buy goods freely.

Overseas, Japan's Amazon items (appliances, baby supplies, etc.) to purchase them.
Call to ship products on Amazon's shipping service Sere-nde also resolved! !
Amazon items at auction after the company specified address domestic product sent to exhibitors from bon appétit.
Then, Shipping behalf of overseas customers.

Please refer to「"the basic flow of services"


Point 2 cheap fees

Sere-nde agency has shipped 980 yen fee is the lowest in the industry.
Shipping is by sea, air, EMS and others to choose from. Shipping, valued at actual cost.
Customers who pay the price.

Shipping services available Price =
Shipping Agency Service fee + option fee + Shipping Price + Insurance + transit fee payment

Please refer to「 services are available pricing

Point 3 With four more points you get together and Shipping

The price of services available, shipping charges, including credit-card payment is possible.
But from overseas if you have a credit card service available.
Credit-card transactions using PayPal.


Of course, credit card payment by bank transfer, it is also possible.

See the 「service payment method.

Point 4  With four more points you get together and Shipping

multiple purchase in bulk packing luggage from the ship the same time, so together,
With shipping costs are cheaper overseas.
Amazon to buy several products, even days together Shipping costs will be great.
In other e-tailer Amazon (such as Rakuten and YAFUOKU) to buy them separately and together they
Amazon shipped by ship directly from the better value.
※ Collect shipping (optional) to please.

Please refer to「Collect shipping

Point 5 Luggage can also receive cash on delivery

exhibitors from the back, as well as shipping costs, cash on delivery and receipt of baggage.
Cash on delivery service has received additional baggage fees will apply.

Please refer to 「cash on delivery baggage pickup service"


Bid to buy the products are asked to first see the "Worldwide Shipping Agency Service service sign-up" from
Customer information, baggage information, please fill out.



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support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

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 Shipping Agency Service
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