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Sere-nde Worldwide Shipping Agency Service

International shipping of your items from Japan to you.!

Japan's Online shops, auction items purchased overseas shipment and transport.
Services are available to overseas shipping, easy to feel free to allow the purchase of Japanese goods.

Our service

Our service

From 980 yen~  shipping service Agency fee

Shipping cheap service fee (980 yen) are available.
If you want to find items which "do not hesitate to immediately Shipping" Can!

※depending on the actual weight of luggage Shipping fees are determined by the agency.
※ "multiple services bundled together" If you used a number of items shipped by the agency fee is not credited.

Payment Method

Credit card OK! (PayPal payments if available)

Use a credit card service is now available.
VISA, MasterCard, JCB will continue to use it.
VISAカードがお使いいただけます。 マスターカードがお使いいただけます。 JCBカードがお使いいただけます

Shipping your luggage and collectively do to reduce shipping costs!

We keep your items with us and send them to you in one dispatch.
By sending your items together (unlike sending one by one), you can save shipment costs.
Bulk shipment Reservations are available for multiple services bundled together (optional)
will be enough to be selected.

shipping service options here

COD payments are also available for items!

COD baggage service received advance fee: cash on delivery price (including tax) 5%
minimum commission fee (up to 1,000 yen minimum commission fee 10,000 yen)

※amount of cash on delivery (including tax), is a "domestic product + + shipping charges door pull fee" of the total.
※advance fee is 1 Shop (one COD) per occurrence for the amount of cash on delivery.

COD baggage service received here

Personal Shopping Agency service

Shopping agency commission: 5% of the total purchase cost (up to 1,000 yen minimum commission fee 10000 yen)

※purchase cost (including tax) and the "total purchase cost of domestic shipping = + + product transfer fee" of the total.
※shopping agency shop fee is 1 per occurrence for the purchase price.

Personal Shopping Agency service

You can choose your shipping method!

Shipping fees, and the number of days of arrival and request your various shipping method to free choice.

  • EMS (Express Mail Service)
  • AIR (Airmail)
  • SAL (Economy Air)
  • SHIP (Surface Mail)

The actual cost of overseas shipping rates are charged.

How to be shipped overseas shipping services and shipping charges here ら

shipping method!

First customer to
Shipping Agency Service

Credit Card



The flow of Worldwide Shipping Agency Service From Japan


I want to find items! !

Availability of products overseas to check whether


Registration for Worldwide Shipping Agency Service
For the first time available.
Services available cheap rates.


I want to buy products


Shipping overseas

Appropriate Delivery



Payment methods


Our products are arriving later


Items have arrived!!


Sere-nde on behalf of the overseas shipping overseas transfer your support

I had been living in Japan and overseas mail order shop "Oh, this!" Fate may encounter.
Overseas, Japan's lives in various ways and the things you miss.

But, unfortunately, the ship is still a small shop in Japan's mail-order situation.

I have been living overseas "chance meeting" but somehow want to do this.
Our services are available to overseas shipping,
Japan's cheap goods and baggage will be transferred overseas Shipping,
From now on Japan's easy to feel free to buy goods.

You're overseas. "Chance meeting" with "happy meeting" that is our mission.

Sere-nde and overseas shipping services

Worldwide Shipping Agency Services How to Use

If you want to use the service (methods),
「Worldwide Shipping Agency Service Orderform」from the 24-hour basis.

You want to ship product information or to fill out the information, your application for overseas shipping service.
Then, the ship you want to arrange a purchase, please.
All our luggage arrived after their overseas Shipping. (Prepaid in advance)

Worldwide Shipping Agency Service fees
Baggage 1 per box (Weight) Rate
~ 5.0kg less than 980 yen
~ 10.0kg less than 5.0kg or more 1,700 yen
~ 20.0kg or more than 10.0kg 2,700 yen
~ 30.0kg or more than 20.0kg 4,200 yen
~ 40.0kg or more than 30.0kg 5,700 yen
~ 50.0kg or more than 40.0kg 7,200 yen
~ 75.0kg or more than 50.0kg 8,700 yen
More than 75.0kg less than ~ 100.0kg 11,700 yen
More than 100.0kg Separate estimates

Options Rate
Collect shipping 1,000 yen
Cash on delivery COD amount(Tax) 5% ・
Maximum commission fee of 1,000 yen from 10,000 yen
Shopping Agency service Purchase cost
(Tax) 5% ・
Maximum commission fee of 1,000 yen from 10,000 yen
Carriage cash on delivery 500 yen
Repair Service 1,000 yen

Greetings from the store manager

Shipping service fee for each booking will be added to the weight of each box.

"Single Shipping" (the original shipment from one place to reach 1 box) If you would like.
We purchase products from luggage to the baggage had arrived at the packing boxes,
depending on the actual weight determined.

"Collect shipping" (optional) will be available,
Several are included with the packaging boxes according to determine the actual weight.

Shipping service fees and other services available below cost.

Shipping services available Price =
Shipping Agency Service fee + option fee + Shipping Price + Insurance + transit fee payment

Worldwide shipping service charges are available

In addition, we arrived in our luggage shipped to the size of the weight restrictions.
"Collect shipping" to be available to the same restrictions.

Restricted articles


We request all the freedom to choose a shipping method.
Shipping costs and arrival time of the shipping method and shipping depends on the country.
Arriving specified and can not be specifying the date of shipment.

The actual cost of overseas shipping rates are charged.

Overseas shipping costs, FedEx DHL international postal rates same.

  • EMS (Express Mail Service)
  • AIR (usually air)
  • SAL (economy class air flights)
  • SHIP (by sea)

With regard to tariff your baggage receipt of payment when bon appétit.

Delivery of the system for damages if the insurance premium when that happens we will be a burden to please be patient.

Worldwide shipping services and shipping and shipping method is


PayPal, bank transfer (Japan Net Bank) are available.

As soon as we receive confirmation that the product shipment overseas.

Overseas shipping service and the payment method


PayPal official site (Japanese)
PayPal official site (English)
PayPal description (Wlikipedia)

Terms of use

Product Returns

We will go to the "Worldwide Shipping Agency Service",
From customer requests for items to be shipped overseas on behalf of the services offered by nature,
We will not accept returns of shows are changing.
Regarding the return of items purchased in each store site directly to your request.

Worldwide shipping service is available here before

With Baggage
  1. Shipping in Japan and stipulates the country in violation of laws can not ship all products
  2. (However, EMS flight by sea SAL FedEx DHL can not send in size, except for the goods) to London.

    You can not treat overseas shipping

  3. Baggage weight limits on the size
  4. We arrived later shipped to the size of your luggage weight limits are as follows.
    "Collect shipping" to be available to the same restrictions.

    "Collect shipping" is also available,
    Baggage weight restrictions on the size of luggage too many cases,
    Packed with multiple possibilities.

    【Our Ship arrived in the size of your luggage weight limit】
    ・Longest length within 1.5m,
    ・Longest length +Circumference within 3m,
    ・Weight within 30kg

    With Baggage

    Back in the heart of a large cargo of the ship or whether,
    With estimates separately, it must be consulted with a few things please.


Please be sure to read, Before your order in English.

Basically, this site has been created for the Japanese.
support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

Terms of Inquiry

Contact us in English, E-mail will be accepted only.
Contact by telephone is not accepted.

Contact us in English, in simple English as possible, please.

When we supported in English, free translation software (Google) is used.

In some cases,Free translation software, has not been translated correctly.
Translation may be incorrect.

Therefore, we have the possibility of wrong translation.
If the problem occurs, we will disclaimer.
Please understand the disclaimer about.
After your understanding,You can use our services(support of English).

 Shipping Agency Service
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