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The first overseas shipping service easy guide

The first overseas shipping service to be available
if not the greatest overseas shipping service do not know how to use what you know.
So, first it should be easy for overseas shipping service available to us.


Overseas shipping Reservation




Delivery and payment


Until the ship arrived from

The overseas shipping service is available and easily four STEP.

STEP1 overseas shipping Reservation

Decide you want to buy products

Japan's online shops and auction sites want to buy items to decide.

Decide you want to buy products

But non-Internet shop order catalogue and mail-order magazines home, the workplace package from the International Ship, OK!


Important size of the ships within the country can not ship goods by restrictions may apply.
Call to items for sale

Overseas shipping application to the booking service

I want product is set,「"Shipping Agency Service Order form" 」to the request for overseas shipping to please.
After request for a purchase at the shipping address to tell you we will send an email.

Book Your subscription service

If you have Collect shipping, optional「"Collect shipping"」in order to use the shipping costs significantly reduced.


I know quite a range of information products. Please contact me before arriving luggage.


STEP2 you want to buy goods overseas shipping

Buy products

Purchase at settlement, including a purchase, please arrange items.
When you buy at the shipping address to convey the ship after completing a reservation to notify us by mail from the city, so the exact address please.


Cash on delivery service and shopping service.
Cash on delivery service
Shopping Agency service


Cash on delivery service and Shopping Agency service is available if the request is required.

STEP3 delivery and payment of fees

Our products are arriving later.

products will be arriving


Options 「Collect shipping」If you're All our luggage after arriving in "payment for your invitation" sends


The arrival of items, purchased by the shop several days to arrive. Direct purchase, please contact your shop.

Payment rates available

Items upon arrival, after weighing and packaging products, overseas shipping rates and fees to calculate the total amount of payments in a "delivery payment offers an invitation" to us, at various payment methods Please pay. Payment options, PayPal, bank transfer (Japan Net Bank).


PayPal also can use a credit card payment is recommended.


PayPal, the transaction fee (5% of the total payment) is your burden. Bank transfer, the transfer fee will be borne by customers.


STEP4 overseas shipment to arrive from overseas

The process begins overseas shipping

Service charges after a payment is complete, burdensome procedures for overseas shipping. The ship will be successfully completed our "complete shipping mail" sent to you.Also, shipping luggage can track how the mail is if the numbers are in contact.

The process begins overseas shipping

With a safe and reasonably-priced EMS is recommended. Precision machinery, such as DHL, FedEx and feel comfortable.


Delivery of various countries, the shipping method available.

Shipping your luggage arriving from overseas

Overseas shipping procedures have been completed and the method of delivery for each customer under your luggage arrived. If the luggage is not received on arrival at the customer side, based on absentee ballots to re-arrange delivery, please.

Shipping your luggage arriving from overseas

Shipping and how to keep track of luggage, cargo and luggage to avoid risk insurance is recommended.


Local customs tariff in case of any amount is at your side with your responsibility to pay for pre-please be patient.


Please be sure to read, Before your order in English.

Basically, this site has been created for the Japanese.
support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

Terms of Inquiry

Contact us in English, E-mail will be accepted only.
Contact by telephone is not accepted.

Contact us in English, in simple English as possible, please.

When we supported in English, free translation software (Google) is used.

In some cases,Free translation software, has not been translated correctly.
Translation may be incorrect.

Therefore, we have the possibility of wrong translation.
If the problem occurs, we will disclaimer.
Please understand the disclaimer about.
After your understanding,You can use our services(support of English).

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