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How to Pay us

PayPal or bank transfer to you.

PayPal, the transaction fees paid by the customer.
Bank transfer, the transfer fee at the expense of your control.


"PayPal" and using the e-mail address
PayPal online transfer of funds between accounts within the system available.

PayPal account registered a credit card or bank account if you have a
The balance of funds as a source of remittance systems available.

account information and transactions are protected by encryption.
Payment for your PayPal account is free and open immediately.

Credit card OK!! 【Use PayPal】

PayPal payments, credit cards are now available.
VISA, MasterCard, JCB will continue to use it.

  • The payment policy
  • "Payment offers delivery invitation" after sending KUDASAI payment within seven days.

  • Transaction fee/li>

    5% of the total payment

Bank transfers (Japan Net Bank)

Japan's bank account, online banking and payment.
(Japan Net Bank, the funds transfer for 24 hours, including weekends and national holidays are available.)

※Transfer fees are paid at your customer.

※Overseas payment from the bank.

  • The payment policy
  • "Payment offers delivery invitation" after sending KUDASAI payment within seven days.

  • Transfer fees
  • You will

■ Japan Net Bank, Bank name
 ※Account number is "delivery fee payment Guide" offer.


PayPal and a credit card, you can register,
教えずcredit card number to pay at the instant payment systems can be useful.

Online shopping already advanced countries of Europe and America, Hong Kong and other widely used,
ebay auction, the main settlement of the payment method.

PayPal to sign up, At the importance of paying your credit card information without having to teach,
And to secure a speedy settlement. All management and on the Internet,
High security of the world can rest assured that even if settlement is possible.


currency is the euro and pound Japanese Yen U.S. Dollars major currencies and remittance,
The rate, calculated by the system.

account type

personal account account business account.
Shopping available in the personal account is recommended.

need to open

PayPal account to the credit card is required.
Credit cards, VISA Master JCB.

credit card payments, you can use PayPal []

PayPal payments, credit cards are accepted.
VISA, MasterCard, JCB will continue to use it.

PayPal account?

Use of PayPal

Please be sure to read, Before your order in English.

Basically, this site has been created for the Japanese.
support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

Terms of Inquiry

Contact us in English, E-mail will be accepted only.
Contact by telephone is not accepted.

Contact us in English, in simple English as possible, please.

When we supported in English, free translation software (Google) is used.

In some cases,Free translation software, has not been translated correctly.
Translation may be incorrect.

Therefore, we have the possibility of wrong translation.
If the problem occurs, we will disclaimer.
Please understand the disclaimer about.
After your understanding,You can use our services(support of English).

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