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Cheap agency commission! Shopping Agency service

Until Online shopping market and Japan's Rakuten to buy the products were,
Suddenly, foreign credit card issuer is not working,
Online shopping in Japan because of how the purchase could not pay,
With such a pain in the mail offering advice from our villa.

Online shopping, but I found what I want in
Payment can not be purchased in the cause.

you've got to go away in such a service is here!

"Shopping Agency service" is,
Online shopping to customers instead of products,
Sere-nde shopping is underrepresented in the delivery of customer service.

In addition, the budget commission of Shopping Agency service available!

 Shopping Agency service fee: The total purchase cost of 5%
(minimum commission fee 10000 yen, the highest 1,000 yen)

of course, Shopping Agency service, as well as to support the purchase,
Total on behalf of Worldwide Shipping Agency will be supported,
Japan's sense of security products can be purchased.

Shopping Agency service application form

Shopping Agency service in
 ・Shopping Agency service?
 ・Shopping Agency service can not buy

Shopping Agency service fee cheap

Shipping and payment methods

"Shopping Agency service" for Usage

Free inspection of checked items

Shopping Agency service considerations

Shopping Agency service

Instead of customers through the Internet,
Customers who wish to purchase products under the name Sere-nde Shopping Agency service.

Clients of the product after confirmation of payment,
We will purchase products directly to the shop is carried out.
Your purchase items at a shop you do not have to go.

Shopping Agency service application form

Basically, any agency to ask Online shopping also are possible,
The following is true to cancel orders from customers to let you know that.

The following items "Shopping Agency service" to the request before,
With your own look, you'll need to advance.
In particular, can not and Worldwide Shipping Agency, ship size, and is not packing
Shop in advance, please check your side.

  • and can not ship the products in violation of the laws and,

  • Shopping Agency service can not be determined by our goods,

  • limited number of items, such as ICHIJIRUSHIKU difficult to obtain,

  • We arrived shipped to the size of your baggage weight limits items,

  • purchased at the shop and have a credibility problem if we are,

  • other, we decided that it is inappropriate if

"Shopping Agency service, not for sale."

In addition, Shopping Agency service will be available,
Purchase price, depending on the "Shopping Agency service fee",
Worldwide Shipping Agency behalf of the problem "Worldwide Shipping Agency service fee" was required.

Also, Shopping Agency service when the service is available,
Shopping Agency service purchased our luggage arrived at the time,
Check items for free inspection and enforcement.

Shopping Agency service fee cheap

Shopping Agency service fee: 5% of the total purchase cost
( (Minimum commission fee 10000 yen, the highest 1,000 yen)

  【Breakdown】The total purchase cost=Product+Domestic shipping+Other costs (cash on delivery fees and transfer fees, etc.)※1
   ※1・・・ Fees on purchases (including commissions paid) for the actual cost will be charged.

※Shopping Agency service fee, per item will occur on behalf of the shop.

Inspection of checked items: Free

Shop Shopping Agency service fee is 1 per occurrence for the purchase price.
Shopping Agency service is not purchased, there is no fee.

"Shopping Agency service for service" will be available to the Shopping Agency service fee, in addition to,
On behalf of the Worldwide Shipping Agency Worldwide Shipping Agency service fee is required, and ※ 2.
  ※2・・・Weight per box of Worldwide Shipping Agency service on the commission.

Worldwide Shipping Agency service fees

Shopping Agency service fee Caution

The total purchase cost if the more than 20,000 yen,
Shop procedures to fund its customer to receive payment
It takes about a week of days, so charged.

Also, shop for payment of a special case,
Registered mail and other online payment on the purchase if you can not
The special commission as a separate, 1,000 yen.

The big ticket items (total purchase cost 200000 yen or more) they are,
With Shopping Agency service currently is open, we are in the matchmaking.
200000 yen more than the individual items to your request.

the out-of-stock items could not Shopping Agency service for the customer to contact you.
At that time, waiting for the corresponding product,
Or the purchase of alternative-enabled products,
Or the amount we receive our money back either respond.

The shortage of reasons, such as payment of refund amount is capped,
Please take a refund you will refund the transfer fee.
Those costs are refunded when the refund amount will come from bon appétit so charged.
 ・Japan's domestic or overseas bank you will also transfer fee.
 ・PayPal you will also refund fees.

Payment options and shipping method

Payment methods

"PayPal" or "bank" or you can choose.

PayPal, the transaction fees paid by the customer.
Bank, the customer will pay the transfer fee for the trip.

Payment methods

The payment is divided into two in order that we receive.
 First round: Shopping Agency service charges and fees payment
 Second: Worldwide Shipping Agency costs and payment of fees


We request all the freedom to choose a shipping method.

  • EMS (Express Mail Service)
  • AIR (Airmail)
  • SAL (Economy Air)
  • SHIP (Surface Mail)
  • FedEx (Express Delivery Service)
  • DHL (Express Delivery Service)


Shopping Agency service of our services

"Shopping Agency service" Information about how to use.

  1. Online shopping Shopping Agency service fill out an application form and send it please.
  2. Shopping Agency service application form

  3. We send a confirmation e-mail from a customer.

  4.  ・In this case, Shopping Agency service estimates on the cost and amount of fees will be your guide.

  5. E-mail to confirm the contents of a mistake if it does not exist in our funds designated to pay for rooms.

  6.  ・ Shopping Agency service payment on the costs and fees are (the first payment).

  7. We've confirmed your funds you purchase your behalf.

  8.  ・After the cancellation of a bank transfer payments do not accept the principle
     ・Total cost of the purchase of 20,000 yen or more to buy the product if it takes about one week.

  9. Online shopping at the completion of the order will be sent to the e-mail.

  10.  ・Out of stock and not for the reasons if the order is complete we will contact you.

  11. Once the service on behalf of foreign ships will be sent as e-mail.

  12.  ・Acting international shipping fees, such as international shipping rates and estimates of the amount will be your guide.

  13. Shipping fees for overseas payment services to foreign ships.

  14.  ・Fees for Worldwide Shipping Agency costs and the payment will be (second payment).

Commodity inspection Free Checking

Shopping Agency service to use the service for your luggage arrived,
At the time we arrived to perform inspection of goods (free).

However, in your baggage opened on the convenience of transportation of goods in the open because we do not,
Basically, the only appearance of order and to check on our service.
On the packaging of products, even where you can not check,
It also, refundable.

if any, at the time of inspection items, such as commodity mistake of putting the mistakes and Online shopping,
Apparent problems with shipping, such as corruption cases that have arisen in the case,
Return to the side of the shop will be contacted.

Please note of Shopping Agency service area

Shopping Agency service available on the rate of

"Shopping Agency service" will be available
And purchases related to the actual cost of Shopping Agency service fees,
Foreign ships and foreign ships on the actual cost of service fee is required.

In addition, payments into the two will receive your funds.
The first: Shopping Agency service payment on the costs and fees
The second: for Worldwide Shipping Agency costs and payment of fees

Shopping Agency service can not buy

The following items "Shopping Agency service" to the application before us,
In advance at your own you'll need to check.
In particular, and not by foreign ships, foreign ships, such as the size of packaging can not be
Please check in advance to the shop to the side, please.

  1. foreign ships that can not be in violation of laws and regulations and the products

  2. Shopping Agency service can not be determined by our item

  3. limited number of products, are difficult to obtain remarkably

  4. expensive products (total purchase cost 300000 yen or more) please consult [If]

  5. our luggage to the ship arrived in the size of the product beyond the limits of weight

  6. Purchased credibility of shops and we have a problem if you decide

  7. other, we decided that was inappropriate

"Shopping Agency service, not for sale."

Shopping Agency service from your application until the actual number of days of purchase

Shopping Agency service charges as soon as you make another payment, Shopping Agency service will be conducted bon appétit.
In addition, the total purchase cost if you have 20,000 yen or more,
The payment procedure is to shop from your funds received from customers
It takes about a week because of the number of days, refundable.

How to shop a special case settlement

Shopping Agency service payments for how to shop
By registered mail and other online payment can not be the case,
The special extra fee (1000 yen), will be required.

Check for product inspection

Due to transport problems we items are not opened.
Check and inspection of goods to open your luggage,
Basically, the only apparent place to check is to verify.
The packaging of products, it also occurs can not be sure where

Catalog Shopping Agency service due to the lack of stock can not be carried out

If you are unable Shopping Agency service, to contact you after your response to the following bon appétit.
 ・Available soon Product of support (in time)
 ・Support the purchase of alternative products
 ・Corresponding refund

However, if for a refund,
A refund on your non-refundable transfer fee will be charged.
Deduction from the refund amount will be refundable, so bon appétit.
※ Bank of Japan or overseas, provided the transfer fee will be charged.
※ PayPal your refund will be paid a fee.

Return of trouble in exchange for the cancellation of customs

Because of the nature of services, as a rule, and then returned exchange of orders canceled
You Can not Please note that the received.

If you cancel, Shopping Agency service fees and refund process to occur in other costs (such as transfer fee),
Shop by cancellation fees may occur,
After deducting the cost of those amounts will be refunded.

also received your goods returned to the vendor at the possibility of replacement if they are causing,
We all do not accept responsibility for the problems, so please be aware in advance.
Shopping Agency service to apply for
Product standards, specifications, efficacy, capacity and other details in advance
On the side of your request is familiar with like.

If you wish to return will be,
We stand in mediation to resolve the position that best correspond to the will,
All it takes to return the shipping of your burden.
In addition, fees return (Shopping Agency service fees and agency fees equal or ships)
Will be charged separately may receive.

happened during the transport of goods overseas damage, lost, of stealing, delay damages, such as the
How to transport provisions in each of damages is in line with third-party damages in each of the transport.
In terms of the insurance claim on your own and bon appétit.
 ・In the case of international mail・・・The nearest local post office, please contact.
 ・In the case of FedEx DHL・・・ FedEx DHL Shipping at the nation's please contact the office.

Shopping Agency service and the ships using the services of other countries can not pass through customs,
Occurs, it is confiscated, etc., we can not guarantee.

Please be sure to read, Before your order in English.

Basically, this site has been created for the Japanese.
support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

Terms of Inquiry

Contact us in English, E-mail will be accepted only.
Contact by telephone is not accepted.

Contact us in English, in simple English as possible, please.

When we supported in English, free translation software (Google) is used.

In some cases,Free translation software, has not been translated correctly.
Translation may be incorrect.

Therefore, we have the possibility of wrong translation.
If the problem occurs, we will disclaimer.
Please understand the disclaimer about.
After your understanding,You can use our services(support of English).

 Shipping Agency Service
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