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option More convenient Shipping Agency Service

Options Rate
Collect shipping 1,000 yen
Cash on delivery COD amount(Tax) 5% ・
Maximum commission fee of 1,000 yen from 10,000 yen
Shopping Agency service Purchase cost
(Tax) 5% ・
Maximum commission fee of 1,000 yen from 10,000 yen
Carriage cash on delivery 500 yen
Repair Service 1,000 yen

Collect shipping service

Options Price: 1,000 yen

for us to purchase more than one (former ships) you receive from the luggage,
On-line instead of individual ships,
Into a box that is at once an option to foreign ships.

if you choose this option,
The number of ships in the box fee will be added together in a box so
Shipping costs can be reduced benefits.

How to pack

that our stock Packing materials, boxes there (Recycling box), we will respond.
※ We are free to stock a box the size of the packaging: 3-edge a total of about 100cm

addition, the number of boxes included a lot of hope,
or other large items you need to include a big box is not in us.
Side shipped in a box by charges to be great,
Available separately for a large box (additional charges 300 yen per box)
will be included in the estimate is for bon appétit.
※ to separate big box available (fee) Size: 3-edge total of 142cm (54cm × 39cm × 49.5cm)
※ was a big box ships in the rate may be significantly cheaper.

or after you consult a separate division and several ships in the box may be.

determined by the shipping company the maximum size of luggage weight exceeds the provisions,
And several days into the box. Sorry.

on luggage will not open to the fundamental,
The request for options in case we needed to do is open your luggage,
Due to safety of the product itself does not open any.

, for example, from shipment arrived about a space inside the box was too
Or received too big boxes and boxes of other times and places can not be included,
The new box is put into effect a re-working to impediment if the
Open your luggage and other luggage stuffed with reinstall.

Luggage storage period

first from your luggage to arrive within two weeks of all luggage must be available.
(We store our luggage and the deadline is two weeks.)
Therefore, if the past two weeks to extend our luggage storage may charge.
Extra charge baggage storage

your baggage weight restrictions on the size

to get our luggage to our ships from 1 per box to limit the size of the weight is the following.
"Collect shipping service" will be available if the limit is the same.

"Collect shipping service" in use,
The size of luggage in excess of the limit of weight in the case of baggage,
More may be packing. Sorry.

【Our Ship arrived in the size of your luggage weight limit】
・Longest length within 1.5m,
・Longest length +Circumference within 3m,
・Weight within 30kg

Luggage limiting the size of

For large luggage in excess above the limit, whether ships,
And a separate estimate will be needed, so please consult.

Cash on delivery service

on behalf of our customers receive the goods in cash on delivery payment service.

Cash on delivery service of the advance fee:
cash on delivery price (including tax) 5% (minimum commission fee of 1,000 yen up to 10000 Yen)

※Amount of cash on delivery (including tax) and the
「Product+Domestic Shipping+Cash on delivery commission」Is the total.
※ advance fees, shop (one-time cash on delivery) per occurrence for the amount of cash on delivery.

"Cash on delivery service" If you want to use,
"Cash on delivery service application form" Application from the products before you please.

Notice of Cash on delivery service area

amount of cash on delivery (including tax) Total 20,000 yen or more was the case,
Our luggage is the process of receiving payment received by you from the
It takes about a week because of the number of days, refundable.

"Cash on delivery service" when you sign up for,
Information on international shipping service was "■ reception number" is required.

"Cash on delivery service application form" after the application,
Our luggage from cash on delivery charges payee listed services
"Cash on delivery service payment on the amount of information" to send e-mail.

Cash on delivery service charges to a designated bank account and PayPal
Will pay.

※ PayPal payment in the case, a payment of 5% of the total settlement fee paid
※ Bank Transfer (Japan Net Bank), you pay the transfer fee

Cash on delivery service

Shopping Agency service

"Shopping Agency service" and,
Online shopping to customers instead of products,
Sere-nde behalf of the shopping and service to our customers.

Shopping Agency service fee: the total purchase cost (including tax of 5%
(minimum commission fee of 1,000 yen up to 10000 Yen)

※Purchase cost (including tax) and the
「Total cost of purchase=
Product+Domestic Shipping+Other costs (cash on delivery fees and transfer fees, etc.) 」is the total.
1 ※ Shopping Agency service fee per shop will be applied to the purchase price of the product.

"Shopping Agency service" If you want to use,
Shopping Agency service application form「Shopping Agency service application form」Please have your application.

Please note of Shopping Agency service area

However, substituting shops will be available,
Depending on the purchase price to occur "Shopping Agency service fee",
To occur on behalf of foreign ships "Worldwide Shipping Agency Service fees" are required.

In addition, how to shop for the payment of our decision, so at your side you can not specify.

total purchase cost if you have 20,000 yen or more,
The payment procedure is to shop from your funds received from customers
It takes about a week because of the number of days, refundable.

"Shopping Agency service application form" after the application,
Then, Shopping Agency service fee from the Company are listed
"Shopping Agency service payment of the amount of information" to send e-mail.

Shopping Agency service fee to the designated bank account and PayPal
Will pay.

※ PayPal payment in the case, a payment of 5% of the total settlement fee paid
※ Bank Transfer (Japan Net Bank), you pay the transfer fee

Shopping Agency service

Carriage cash on delivery

Carriage cash on delivery of the advance fee: 500 yen

Shipping and collect your luggage has arrived in when the advance fee of 500 yen.

※1-in luggage handling fee of 500 yen.

Only the shipping and collect your luggage in advance of your funds are not required,
The day before your luggage before you arrive you'll need your information.
Your luggage in advance about the lack of application, you may not be the beneficiary.

"Carriage cash on delivery" will be available to you,
"Worldwide Shipping Agency Service Application Form" Wines from the charge.

Repair Service

Options Price: 1,000 yen

to purchase goods (ex-ships) to our luggage when it arrived,
Foreign ships packed in a box or stand damage is not possible to state,
The new packaging of a box packed in a box to replace or repair is optional.

Please be sure to read, Before your order in English.

Basically, this site has been created for the Japanese.
support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

Terms of Inquiry

Contact us in English, E-mail will be accepted only.
Contact by telephone is not accepted.

Contact us in English, in simple English as possible, please.

When we supported in English, free translation software (Google) is used.

In some cases,Free translation software, has not been translated correctly.
Translation may be incorrect.

Therefore, we have the possibility of wrong translation.
If the problem occurs, we will disclaimer.
Please understand the disclaimer about.
After your understanding,You can use our services(support of English).

 Shipping Agency Service
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