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Overseas Shipping agency reservation form

Overseas Shipping agency reservation form.
Include the following form, please send.

With the added baggage of change
Shipping your luggage after booking the additional changes can be made.
Order items are not fixed, I do not show the range, you know how to please.
In this case our luggage is always arrive before us.
With more luggage to be determined is not known to customers as well, with our luggage is always arrive before us.

You can ship your luggage or whether you'll need your own.
International postage pre-conditions at the table size and weight limit, the excess baggage for contraband goods, please do not.

"Overseas Shipping Services" will be available from the following form to fill out the required information had been asking for.

are required.

Half-size characters in English, please be sure.


Your basic information
Name Last Name  First Name
(For example) John Steinbeck
Honorific Mr. Ms.
Postal Code
(For example) 55555
(For example) USA
State / Prefecture
(For example) California
(For example) Palm Springs
Notwithstanding the country, listed the names of cities, but here in Roman letters addressed to all, please.
(For example) RAJ apartment 503, 9188 E Palm Canyon Dr - Palm Springs, CA, USA
FAX number
(For example) Taro@yamada.com
With product shipping information
Shipping Based on the same  Different from above
Shipping your luggage is above the address and choose whether or not the same, please.
  Shipping your luggage is "above and different" if only "actual shipping" below please.
With shipping name Last Name  First Name
(For example) Zirou Yamaguti
Honorific Mr. Ms.
Shipping ZIP Code
(For example) 44444
Shipping Country
(For example) USA
With State shipping
(For example) in California
Shipping city
(For example) Palm Springs
With shipping address
(For example) RAJ apartment 102, 9188 E Palm Canyon Dr - Palm Springs, CA
Phone Shipping
(For example) 123-456-7890
FAX number shipping
(For example) 123-456-7899
Delivery methods, content, billing information on how to
Shipping methods
◆ EMS-Express Mail Sevice - recommended a price and safety.
◆ Please check the shipping terms. And then shipped to choose how to please
◆ Small package is handled your luggage weighs less than 2 kg only choice.
What small package?
Types of Content
Payment method
※ PayPal is VISA / MASTER / JCB available. The total amount of the payment transaction fee is 5.0%.
※ JNB is designated bank transfer. You will transfer fee is.
PayPal is available in mail "Payment methods" for "PayPal" If you choose to be listed, please.

(For example) taro-paypal@yamada.com
Shipping options
Single Shipping
Collect shipping (optional: 1,000 yen)
Repair service (optional: 1,000 yen)
Cash on delivery (optional: amount of cash on delivery (including tax) 5% minimum commission fee of 1,000 yen up to 10,000 yen)
Carriage cash on delivery (optional: 500 yen)
Shipping collectively, the first arrival of luggage from two weeks to align all our luggage (arrive). The ideal size of our empty box casing that is not only the actual expenses.
Baggage sender information
The number of the sender and shops
◆ purchase items at (Shipping yuan), please specify how many.
◆ purchase of two or more cases, shipping option "multiple services bundled together" If you do not choose our "one-line Shipping."
The first package information #1
Items purchased at
◆ Please write The sender's name
● Especially at auction, The exact name of the sender, please write
(ex.)Amazon, Rakuten,
Items arrival date
◆ Our luggage is due to arrive within days to please. If you have any indication if you will be all right.
◆ Cash on delivery, Carriage cash on delivery, We can not receive the luggage.
(However, pay-option baggage receipt of cash on delivery service except if available.)
Number of boxes box
Same-store delivery will be split off from the shipping division also added to the number of boxes, please. With the arrival of luggage at check the box number, so please be accurate.
Types of content
With the contents of the package, please fill out. Thank you for your information based on a variety of documents.
● product (types): magazine
● a unit price: 800 yen
● order quantities: 5

● product (types): clothing
● purchase bid: 2,000 yen
● order quantities: 3
● total price: 10,000 yen

■ Attention ■
Please enter our next point, please be careful.
● product name (proper name) instead of the generic product categories (common noun), please specify.
× dynabook SS SX/290HK
○ a laptop computer

● quantity and price of goods in a separate classification for each please.
"Sundries", "daily necessities" such as clearance is a vague notation. Please specify the exact classification.
The amount of "0 yen" will not be possible for clearance, be sure to enter the total price and quantity please.
Filling out the information content, for customs declaration. We will confirm a price and quantity does not.
× Food and clothing 5 products12,000 yen
○ clothing 3 products 6,000yen
  food 4 products 4,000 yen
Price declaration required compensation
(Additional insurance if the collateral)
※ If the collateral insurance for the amount of compensation is necessary to please the above fields.
※ Japanese yen, please fill out.
※ If you are incidental to the insurance premium will be charged separately. For more information
※ international parcel (SAL flight by sea) to be affiliated insurance if the insurance fee will be charged 800 yen. For more information
※ in the price of goods can not exceed the amount of money.
※ no additional shipping and insurance to shipping method if your preferred setting.
※ not fill all the standard incidental to the insurance only.
(More) http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/service/damage.html
The second package of information #2
Examples are described in The first package information # 1
Items purchased at
Items arrival date
Number of boxes box
Types of content
Price declaration required compensation
(Additional insurance if the collateral)
The third package of information #3
Examples are described in The first package information # 1
Items purchased at
Items arrival date
Number of boxes box
Types of content
Price declaration required compensation
(Additional insurance if the collateral)
The fourth package of information #4
Examples are described in The first package information # 1
Items purchased at
Items arrival date
Number of boxes box
Types of content
Price declaration required compensation
(Additional insurance if the collateral)
Additional Contact, Sere-nde to contact
※ To our opinions, please write to request
※ Ship's arrival time can not be specified.

Other Important Issues (2008.March.3)

  • Personal use in the United States to ship food to people who, as the sender's name, company name, please do not fill in the name stores.

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