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Cautions for Use

Product information and reservations for Shipping Agency Service service changes or revocation,
For packaging products, such as damages for the system
Shipping services overseas should take note of you.

to use our services before you read.

Product Information

Forward foreign products purchased by the customer service is transferred to the service overseas.
Thus, for products such as contact information and complaints about the shop to buy directly, please contact us.

Also, in some cases addressed by our customers to shop from catalogs and other information that may be sent,
Basically, it discard at us. If you need to transfer them abroad consult a separate case.
We have to make sure you at the address of your main luggage and packages shipped (box) is only a number.

to prevent trouble, mainly from ships that have been sent packing and will ship it.

Changing reservation service for the cancellation and refund

Cancellation of bookings for Shipping Agency Service luggage and change your information,
Of the luggage did not arrive only if the change is possible cancellation.
However, reservations were capped after the arrival of luggage for a variety of changes, the change fee (500 yen per pack 1) may be required, so your understanding in advance.

In addition, changes or cancellations by customers, such as convenient for you if the
Shipping charges and other fees, such as when the amount of the refund
Capped the amount of your refund on deposit, you get a refund on your non-refundable transfer fee will be charged.
When they refunded the cost of a deduction from the amount will be refunded bon appétit, refundable.
 ・Bank of Japan or overseas, provided the transfer fee to be paid.
 ・PayPal's your refund will be paid a fee.

Collect shipping service

We will ship your luggage from the base from shipment to arrive without opening the box or bag,
Shipping boxes to be reinforced so,
The individual packaging is lightweight ahead of the service is not offered.

"Collect shipping service" even if
From shipment arrives without opening the box or bag, stuffed it in a box with the new ships.

However, "Collect shipping service", If necessary, you can open the package,
Due to safety of the product itself does not open any.
For example, the contents of ships in the original box arrived from space, or about the Tei Sugi
Or received other boxes too large and can not be included in the box and,
The new box is put into effect a re-working to impediment is the case, your baggage opened and the other filled with the reinstall and luggage.

In that case, was required for our packaging materials discarded without
Leave you if you have ships.

first from your luggage to arrive within two weeks of all luggage must be available.
(We store our luggage and the deadline is two weeks.)
Therefore, if the past two weeks Extra charge baggage storage may be required.
Extra charge baggage storage

Cash on delivery service

"Cash on delivery service application form" after the application,
Cash on delivery service charges from our listed
"Cash on delivery service payment on the amount of information" to send e-mail.

"Cash on delivery service charges on the amount of your payment information," the e-mail within five days if you do not have your funds,
Shipping and handling denied receipt will be returned to the Lord.
In addition, Cash on delivery service if your application頂KANAI also denied receiving treatment at our side.

Carriage cash on delivery

Only the shipping and collect your luggage in advance of your funds are not required,
The day before your luggage before you arrive you'll need your information.
Your luggage in advance about the lack of application, you may not be the beneficiary.

The size of your baggage weight limits

Our ship arrived to the size of your baggage weight limit is the following.
"Collect shipping service" will be available if the limit is the same.

"Collect shipping service" in use,
The size of luggage in excess of the limit of weight in the case of baggage,
More may be packing. Sorry.

【Our Ship arrived in the size of your luggage weight limit】
・Longest length within 1.5m,
・Longest length +Circumference within 3m,
・Weight within 30kg

Luggage limiting the size of

For large-sized luggage in excess above the limit, whether ships,
And a separate estimate will be needed, so please consult.

For packaging for foreign ships

A burden "for Shipping Agency Service packaging",
Paste each corner of the tape, to prevent moisture from seeping.

Therefore, we open the package and the strengthening of the packaging does not fundamentally so,
Product packaging itself strictly to the request to charge the purchase.

However, the nature of international mail on the "fragile" there is no treatment.
To break down the contents of products, packaging and rigorous.

Breakable ships and precision equipment on the case for overseas

precision equipment and breakable ships in international shipping agency services are available,
Our side of the precision equipment is unable to read,
To purchase products from overseas ships to the effect that will give
Strict instructions to ask charge of packing.

Open the packaging of products

About opening products

arrived to our products will not, in principle, have opened,
Your consent as required may be opened later.
In that case, to be sure in advance by e-mail you.
In terms of precision equipment, basically do not open the box.

※Product packaging may open a case

※ products if there is the possibility of opening

in order of arrival of goods that is difficult to determine if
When you arrived for our products may be damaged if there
Ineligible as foreign ships that are packaged
If you have an unusual odor in the luggage
Shipping did not ask if your luggage
Postal Service and FedEx, DHL to confirm the contents if
And provide other services, should determine our staff if necessary

Catalog is included on the invoice

If you would like it included not discarded.
If you want to discard all the instructions you need early.
In regard to destroy free will, in the season, so we may not be able to handle the case.

Incidental to a parcel of the international shipping insurance for the Notes

 ※Incidental to a parcel of the international shipping insurance for the Notes

【Incidental to the international insurance if the parcel】
It takes the following additional insurance premiums.
 ・Prices of compensation required to report the case of 10,000 yen following:
price premium online content ※ automatically depending on the supplementary insurance.
 ・Declared value of compensation required 1 to 2 million yen:
400 yen premium
 ・Compensation required to return more than 20,000 yen price:
400 yen for the basic insurance premiums + 50 yen per 20,000 yen in insurance premiums

International insurance premiums on a separate parcel if the premium in addition to the above,
Insurance fee (our fees) will be charged separately refundable.
 ・Insurance fee: 800 yen per 1 luggage

※Insurance for the reception of international parcel handling of the Japanese post office near us not to,
Traffic on our separate ways and procedures to be used,
If you take out insurance on international parcel them bear the cost of customers is limited.
Thank you for your understanding and appreciated.

Damages for the system

outside of the domestic product of the damage occurred in transit, lost, stolen notes, including damages for delay,
How to transport provisions in each of damages is in line with third-party damages in each of the transport.
If your luggage is damaged or stolen notes will be supported by insurance bon appétit.
After receiving your luggage of stealing and corruption in the case of notice,
Within 24 hours of receipt for the delivery of local businesses (post office, etc.), please quote to that effect.
In terms of the insurance claim on your own and bon appétit.

Our damages need not be the case.
Also, in your luggage, we declare our prices according to the report required by insurance compensation is incidental to,
Our application for insurance if they have not received any instructions or
To claim damages Please note that we do not.

Also, when you sign up your luggage from the content of the declaration that the statement was false when the
If any claim to damages Please note that we do not.

Flights AIR SAL small packet handling flights at a variety of surface ships for the luggage,
Baggage system does not have numbers for compensation for damages
Lost luggage situation surveys delay any action for damages on our side can not be implemented in advance, so please take note.
In this case we also do damage if any of.

confiscated by the customs, such as the local post office delivery business side and there is no negligence and to determine if the
The damages are not covered please.
Your luggage if you arrive too late, and that could potentially be lost if it please contact us.


The tariff for the local customs of the country of destination will be determined so
Our answer in the side, so we can not be done.
Local customs tariff in the case of the amount of responsibility you have at your side can bear Please note that advance.

our customers to contact us on the basis of price and product content will create a customs clearance documents.
It has some problems with our responsibility, even if you can not be suffered.

About the delay in customs confiscated

country of destination of the shipment confiscated by the Customs, etc. In case of delay
We are not responsible for anything from ships in advance, so please check whether enough.

Booking in advance for your baggage does not have

does not have a reservation in advance for your baggage, we do not receive in the is.
In addition, the package has not received a reservation for you受取RANAKATTA,
In particular we do not even call it refundable.

At your convenience if the delay in payment

your reasons for the delay in payment of our luggage storage period if the past two weeks,
If you extend the luggage storage fee is required.
Depending on the rate case will be different, so each time because Estimate will be in.

Our luggage was returned to you

side of the field due to excess baggage storage until the Company has been returned to you,
After a month of our store, and destroy our way of provisions to dispose bon appétit.
Shipping your luggage again, if you have,
And shipping services usually charge a fee, so you'll need to pay
When the local side of the absence of enough luggage storage Please note the deadline.
Our luggage was returned to the side here, you will be notified by e-mail that effect.

Free e-mail to customers

Yahoo,Hotmail,Gmail,Livedoor,Excite,Infoseek and other free e-mail,
Send large amounts of spam e-mails are used to,
Cut through the provider side are multiple cases.
E-mail notifications from us if you have not received.

Please be sure to read, Before your order in English.

Basically, this site has been created for the Japanese.
support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

Terms of Inquiry

Contact us in English, E-mail will be accepted only.
Contact by telephone is not accepted.

Contact us in English, in simple English as possible, please.

When we supported in English, free translation software (Google) is used.

In some cases,Free translation software, has not been translated correctly.
Translation may be incorrect.

Therefore, we have the possibility of wrong translation.
If the problem occurs, we will disclaimer.
Please understand the disclaimer about.
After your understanding,You can use our services(support of English).

 Shipping Agency Service
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