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Sere-nde of cheap Worldwide Shipping Agency Servic and forwarding service

Sere-nde of cheap Worldwide Shipping Agency Service and forwarding service,
Japan's Online shopping and auction sites, such as items purchased overseas due to cheap Worldwide Shipping Agency Service and handling,
shipment and transport services.

Our services are available to Worldwide Shipping Agency Service,
cheap shipping service fee (980 yen) in Japan's goods and baggage will be transferred Worldwide Shipping Agency Service,
Japan's easy to feel free to buy goods.
All our luggage arrived after their Worldwide Shipping Agency Service. (Prepaid in advance)

Features in Worldwide Shipping Agency Service service here

How to use the service to transfer Worldwide Shipping Agency Service service reservation flow

  1. Overseas shipment booking service, please go to your application.
  2. You want to Worldwide Shipping Agency Service information and information products, means of Worldwide Shipping Agency Service, payment methods,
    please send your fill.

  3. Worldwide Shipping Agency Service accepts complete email.
  4. Now accepting applications for mail to complete the domestic mail-order sites and auction sites arrange the purchase when
    you arrive on the shipping address listed in the mail.

  5. I want to buy products Worldwide Shipping Agency Service arrangements, please.
  6. Japan's auction site or mail order transactions, including purchase and,
    Please arrange for the items.

  7. After arrival to our product and service offers to send invitations.
  8. All our products are to arrive as soon as our "delivery payment offers an invitation" to send.

  9. Services to pay for Worldwide Shipping Agency Service procedures after the start.
  10. "Payment offers delivery invitation" to us that they are along the service fee payment, please.

  11. Shipping your luggage overseas.

  12. With your baggage to arrive under.

The Worldwide Shipping Agency Service service is available here

Shipping service fees

Baggage 1 per box (Weight) Rate
~ 5.0kg less than 980 yen
~ 10.0kg less than 5.0kg or more 1,700 yen
~ 20.0kg or more than 10.0kg 2,700 yen
~ 30.0kg or more than 20.0kg 4,200 yen
~ 40.0kg or more than 30.0kg 5,700 yen
~ 50.0kg or more than 40.0kg 7,200 yen
~ 75.0kg or more than 50.0kg 8,700 yen
More than 75.0kg less than ~ 100.0kg 11,700 yen
More than 100.0kg Separate estimates

Options Rate
Collect shipping 1,000 yen
Cash on delivery COD amount(Tax) 5% ・
Maximum commission fee of 1,000 yen from 10,000 yen
Shopping Agency service Purchase cost
(Tax) 5% ・
Maximum commission fee of 1,000 yen from 10,000 yen
Carriage cash on delivery 500 yen
Repair Service 1,000 yen

★ luggage received cash on delivery service commission to change its doors in advance (2008 year in September) ★

Shipping Shipping service fee for each booking will be added to the weight of each box.

  • Shipping Book once every shipping service fee will be added.
  • "Collect shipping" If you are available to ship one book, please.

"Single Shipping" (the original shipment from one place to reach 1 box) If you would like,
We purchase products from luggage to the baggage had arrived at the packing boxes, depending on the actual weight determined.

"Collect shipping" (optional) will be available,
Several are included with the packaging boxes according to determine the actual weight.

Worldwide Shipping Agency Service rates are available here

Delivery shipping

We request all the freedom to choose a shipping method.
Shipping rates and time of arrival of ships within the country depending on the destination and shipping method.
Arriving specified and can not be specifying the date of shipment.

The actual cost of Worldwide Shipping Agency Service rates are charged.

Worldwide Shipping Agency Service costs, FedEx DHL international postal rates same.

  • EMS (Express Mail Service)
  • AIR (Airmail)
  • SAL (Economy Air)
  • SHIP (Surface Mail)

How to be shipped Worldwide Shipping Agency Service services and shipping charges here


"Shipping service fees" and "shipping" more, depending on the destination country when customs tariffs will occur.
Tariffs for your luggage at the time of receipt of payment, you need to be please be careful.

Delivery of the system for damages for

Basically damages if the system of shipping method, your request insurance for ships, in addition to the bon appétit,
When that happens your insurance premium will be paid to please be patient.

products overseas damage occurred during transport, lost, stolen, delayed, and other damages are
Each method of transport along the third-party liability provisions in the transportation of each in damages.
Those claims are on your own and bon appétit.
If the international postal nearest local post office for your KUDASAI.
FedEx DHL ships within the country that if FedEx DHL please contact sales office.

Payment method

PayPal, bank transfer (Japan Net Bank) are available.

  • As soon as we receive confirmation that the product shipment overseas.
  • Settlement fees and transfer fee will be borne by the customer, while supplies last.

Credit card OK! ! !  [PayPal settlement]

PayPal payment if the credit card is now available.
VISA, MasterCard, JCB will continue to use it.

Worldwide Shipping Agency Service service payment method is here

Services available Precautions

Overseas shipment and transport service is available before you read once before.

Worldwide Shipping Agency Service service is available here before

Product Returns

We are doing "Worldwide Shipping Agency Service service",
From customer requests for items to be shipped overseas on behalf of the services offered by nature,
We will not accept returns of shows are changing. Regarding the return of items
Purchased in a shop on your own, please contact.

With Baggage

Shipping Japan and stipulates the country in violation of laws can not ship all the products available.
(However, EMS flight by sea SAL FedEx DHL can not send in size, excluding items)

We arrived later shipped to the size of your luggage weight limits are as follows.
"Collect shipping" to be available to the same restrictions.

"Collect shipping" is also available,
Baggage weight restrictions on the size of the case is far more luggage,
Packed with multiple possibilities.

【Our Ship arrived in the size of your luggage weight limit】
・Longest length within 1.5m,
・Longest length +Circumference within 3m,
・Weight within 30kg

Please be sure to read, Before your order in English.

Basically, this site has been created for the Japanese.
support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

Terms of Inquiry

Contact us in English, E-mail will be accepted only.
Contact by telephone is not accepted.

Contact us in English, in simple English as possible, please.

When we supported in English, free translation software (Google) is used.

In some cases,Free translation software, has not been translated correctly.
Translation may be incorrect.

Therefore, we have the possibility of wrong translation.
If the problem occurs, we will disclaimer.
Please understand the disclaimer about.
After your understanding,You can use our services(support of English).

 Shipping Agency Service
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