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At the time of trouble Need help with Shipping Agency Service service when

  • Did not receive luggage. (Can not keep track)
  • damage to the contents of the package.

Please contact the company ships.

EMS (Express Mail Service) /AIR (Airmail)/SAL (Economy Air) /SHIP (Surface Mail)

Tokyo International Post Office to contact

TEL: 03-5665-4200

From abroad (81)3-5665-4200

Shipping in the country in the nearest post office can also contact us.

Contact DHL

Call survey of luggage (under the jurisdiction of Japan Post)

EMS (Express Mail Service) /AIR (Airmail) /SAL (Economy Air) /SHIP (Surface Mail)

Your luggage if you do not receive more than a certain period of time, the investigation can be charged.
Shipping at Japan Post to investigate the country's post office and ask for the ships waiting for an answer from the destination country will be.
until the results of the investigation into charges, depending on the country, it takes about two weeks to two months.
Japan Post is the result of a reply from allows you to go to baggage claim.

Call your insurance package

If your luggage is damaged, lost, you can make insurance claims.
Certificate will be required to corruption.
Call your own insurance.

EMS (Express Mail Service) ・・・Local at the nearest post office, please create.

Amount of insurance coverage

contents of the declaration is the maximum price + shipping.
Service fees for ships and the transfer fee for the transaction fees that PayPal
Are not eligible for insurance, so will you please in advance.
SHIP (Surface Mail) ships in the amount of coverage for your baggage is the limit.
Declared price if the limit is exceeded, the difference will not be returned.
Since the return of shipping need not be, either in advance please. )

More trouble for

  • Luggage was stopped by customs.
  • If the luggage by customs merely the destination country's customs documents from the phone or come in contact.
    If you can not clearance is the main example, is as follows.

  • Shipping at limit the country's contraband goods were stopped in the case
  • confiscated by local or is sent back to Japan.

  • of illegal goods were stopped in the case
  • confiscated by local or is sent back to Japan.

  • attached invoice we had lost.
  • FAX will be from our local customs, so please contact us for our company.

  • details of goods (materials, etc.) want to know.
  • want to know about customs, to answer orally or in writing, please.

  • do not receive mail.
  • If you use a free e-mail, we will e-mail from a case that occurred in transit.
    Is recognized as junk e-mail and so free as possible by mail, please use the recommended.
    If you have not received the mail, please contact the company.

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support is only in Japanese.
However, After you agree to the rules, you can order in English.

Terms of Inquiry

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Contact by telephone is not accepted.

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In some cases,Free translation software, has not been translated correctly.
Translation may be incorrect.

Therefore, we have the possibility of wrong translation.
If the problem occurs, we will disclaimer.
Please understand the disclaimer about.
After your understanding,You can use our services(support of English).

 Shipping Agency Service
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